How to create a drop-off return

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 If the home collection does not work for you, you can use a Collect+ drop-off point near you to drop off your parcel.  

 The max weight limit for drop-offs is 10 kg. Your parcel cannot exceed that limit. 

Step 1: Find a drop-off point near you


 Enter your postcode and click the search icon. 

You will get a list of the ten nearest drop-off points to you, with the nearest one highlighted, from here you can select the most convenient to use.

Please note that only locations with printers available for service are included in the list provided.

Step 2: Specify your Order Details


 Then you will be asked to add the Order details for your return. 

  • Enter the Order ID and your email address.  
  • Depending on the retailer, you may be asked to enter the Order Date. 

 Ensure you type the email address associated with the order; otherwise, you cannot create the return. 

Step 3. Select the items you wish to return


Depending on the retailer, you may be able to see the items in your order and choose the ones you wish to return. 

If your retailer does not provide order details, this step is skipped, and you will be transferred directly to the next step.

Step 4: Provide the reason for the return


Choose the reason for your return from the provided list, or select the 'Other' option to provide your justification in the space provided. If more information is required, you can put it in the additional information. 

Step 5. Review and confirm your return.

Before confirming the terms and conditions, review the return details and ensure your parcel: 

  • Does not contain prohibited items. 
  • Weights less than 30 kg.  
  • It is not more than 120 cm long, and its volume does not exceed 0.23m3.  

Step 6. Return Created


 A barcode with an expiry date will be generated upon confirming your return.  

Please note, 

You do not need to print the barcode if you are going to use one of the drop-off points listed in the application, as they all have printers. You can capture the barcode on a screenshot or make a note of the barcode number and give it to the employee in the store. They will be able to print the label for you. The barcode number in this instance is PSH5GNRRX. 
  When dropping off your parcel, you will receive a text message and an email informing you of the transaction.  

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