How to manage your address book

2 min. readlast update: 05.31.2023

Any collection address you add is stored in the Address Book and is available for future use.

This can save you time as you don't have the type in the same addresses repeatedly. 

You can Add, Edit or Remove any addresses saved in the Address book.

To visit the Address Book, use the Address Book icon on the dashboard or the Address Book option on the top navigation menu.

Add an Address


To add a new address, enter the following:

  • Your full name
  • Address details (address line 1, address line 2, city, county, and postcode) 
  • Whether the address you entered is a "personal address" or "business address".

You can also include a pick-up note with additional instructions, such as whether you want to meet the person at the door or leave the package at a safe place for the courier to pick it up. 

If you mark the address as your default, it will automatically be selected each time you file a return. You can change your default address at any time. 

Keep in mind that you cannot delete the default address. To do that, you must first specify another default address.

If you'd prefer your parcel to be picked up from a neighbour or your place of work, you can add more than one address. 

Update or Delete an Address


To update or delete an address, find the address you want to edit or delete and select the arrow on the right side.


Make the changes that you wish and select Save Changes. The address will be updated.

To delete the address, select Remove Address. 

Please note you cannot delete the default address. You will have to set another address as the default to delete the default address.
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